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Reverse hugging

2006 March 22

This is a silly thing but symptomatic to our age.

In my daughter’s school (Junior High) children are forbidden to hug each other. The teacher crowd, not being satisfied by simply announcing this rule, it sinks to actually defining what a hug is. Apparently a hug is the crossing of arms behind another child’s back while the fronts are touching.

So what ends up happening?

The children are now standing back to back and hug each other that way. Guess what parts of each other’s bodies do they touch?

I wrote a letter regarding this to the principal. This is how it went.

Dear Ms F---,

My daughter is S---- a 6th grade student in your school. She is
telling me that the school is considering a policy of outlawing hugging
or that it tries to regulate it somehow.

Please tell me that it is not so.

Thank you


Her response:

Public displays of affection is not acceptable at most middle schools including L---. This is not a new rule.

That was all, no dear Mr So-and-so, no Sincerely.

So I wrote back:

Can you please explain why?

Thank you again.


Her reply (no Dear Mr…, etc, just this:)

Are you serious?? Hugging that leads to fondeling, kisssing, groping etc is never acceptable

Yes, “fondeling” she wrote, “kisssing” she wrote.

Repeal! (both the stupid rule and the principal)