How can you tell a bad law? From its consequences!

beginI have never blogged, now I am.

Back in the times when I was still watching political events, I wished I could have asked this one single question from every politician who opened his lying mouth: “Sir, or Ma’am, the repeal of which law would you work for, if you get elected?”

I never got the change to ask the question from a politician. Now I’m asking anyone.

Frankly, I have no idea if anyone will read this. Anyway, let me go on.

I am not a lawyer. I know very few laws specifically, those that I do know have to do mostly with traffic. Nevertheless, I do realize that there is a bad law when I see its consequences. And I know that there are too many laws, way too many!

Obviously there are good laws. “Do not kill” is a good law, the result is that there are very few killings compared to the people alive. And it is a Good Thing. “Do not import medicine from Canada” is a bad law because the result is that Americans have to pay more for medicine than Canadians.

You are invited to share your Bad Law Repeal Wish List.

Put it right here!


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