Grandma in jail

I met a lady today, she is in her 60s, half blind and suffers from depression. She just came out of jail where she was thrown in for 18 days because her son, who is 37 years old, brought a bag of some dope into her home as he was going thru town trying to evade the cops.

The lady had been trying to adopt a child who lived there, of course the child was taken away and is now in foster care. The reason for that: “She” endagered the child’s life by letting drugs into her house.

The Law was gracious enough to allow her to plead guilty for aiding a fugitive (her own son!) and get released. Her extortionary other option was to stay in jail until she goes to trial.

She was considered guilty of some drug related crime for the actions of another person. Whatever law is behind that charge, that law should be repealed.

Eventually she was convicted for aiding her own son and she served 18 days in jail for it. Another law to repeal.


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